Roofing Slate

Unique and full of nuances

Glendyne Slate

Unique and full of nuances

The Glendyne slate is dark grey with shades of blue, giving a touch of elegance and nobility to buildings, enhancing their aesthetic and market value. Its shades are very homogeneous despite the presence of a discrete stratification marked by silts which are usually very fine. In addition, our slate is free of pyrite or any other metal intrusion, so it does not rust.

Natural and Eco-Friendly

Slate is the ultimate Eco-friendly roofing. It is sustainable, and its extraction and processing have a low environmental impact. In addition, Glendyne is operated with the utmost respect of nature.

Timeless and Elegant

Slate is elegant roofing giving a touch of prestige to any construction project. In addition, it is a noble and timeless siding. Choosing Glendyne Slate is about making sure you give style to your construction project and enhance its value.

Performing and Sustainable

Slate is one of the longest-lasting building materials in the world. Its durability can extend beyond 100 years. It is virtually maintenance-free and its appearance does not change over time. In addition, it has unrivalled performance in all types of climates. It is waterproof, fire retardant and freezing/thawing resistant.

Quality Commitment

Throughout the process, we meticulously apply the requirements of our quality control system to ensure the production of quality slates and thus meet the high expectations of our customers worldwide. We are open to our customers’ needs in order to continuously improve the quality of our products and services. During delivery, each box is identified to allow traceability to the source.

Glendyne slates meet and exceed the following standardizing requirements:


ATG H768

EN 12326

Glendyne recommends country-specific installation techniques in which the slate is installed to meet its standardizing requirements. Please contact one of our distributors for more information.

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